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Go Kart

A go kart is a kind of open-wheel vehicle that is used in the sporting event of kart racing. Typically, a go kart is a small and lightweight vehicle that's sturdy enough to carry the driver and fast enough to be able to complete a winding track in the shortest time possible. A go kart is a vehicle that runs close to the ground, hence, it is not suitable for driving in public. On public roads, other drivers may not be able to spot you when driving a go kart.

How does a go kart work

Though a go kart may look like the complicated type that requires a lot of know-how to maintain and run, it is just a simple vehicle that can be driven with just one step on the pedal. A go kart also runs on gas and pretty much rakes in a small expense when it comes to fuel, especially if you're into go kart races. Maintenance work for a go kart can be simple DIY projects if you're skilled enough but should also be handled by professionals when the problem is more complicated.

Types of go kart racing

There are different types of go kart, depending on what kind of racing you want to participate in.

1. Sprint go kart racing

In a sprint race, the type of go kart used has a straight chassis. A straight and open chassis in a go kart places the driver at the centre. A go kart in a sprint race can go around a race track ranging from ¼ of a mile to an entire mile. A go kart driver in a sprint race is challenged mostly by right and left turns throughout the course. The objective in this go kart race is to be able to prove supremacy through speed and successful circuits.

2. Endurance go kart racing

This type of racing requires a strong engine in a go kart. This type of race is called endurance that require go kart racers to race for at least 30 minutes to test the endurance and durability. At most, go kart drivers can go for up to more than 24 hours in an endurance race by switching drivers. The reliability of a go kart as well as go kart driver strategy is tested in this type of go kart racing.

3. Speedway go kart racing

In this type of go kart racing, the race course stretches from 1/6 of a mile to as much as ¼ mile. The tracks in this go kart race usually have two straight and four left turns. This type of go kart racing is also done on a track with an asphalt or clay overlay.

Go Kart Articles

V8 Team Backs Ms Go-kart Relay

FIVE of the South Coast's up-and-coming go-kart racers will get the chance to team up with their V8 Supercar heroes next week at Sydney's Oran Park Raceway.

Zane's Happy To Be Back Racing In The Go Fast Lane

LOCAL business has come to the aid of Bulli go-kart racer Zane Dobie, putting his racing career back on track after a freak accident threatened to derail the youngster's aspirations before he had even left the start line.

Females Revved Up To Become Leaders Of Go-kart Pack

MALE go-kart drivers outnumber female drivers 25 to one in NSW but a few Newcastle women hope to change that.

Hard Lesson Learnt From Kart Tragedy

THE tragic death of go-kart racer Nicole Franks at the Wollongong Kart Grand Prix in February this year stunned a sport generally considered relatively safe.

Track `unsafe' In Kart Death

WOLLONGONG'S Flagstaff Hill was unsafe for go-kart street racing, a coroner found yesterday at the end of an inquest into the death of a 23-year-old female driver from Newcastle.
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