Go Kart Racing

Go kart racing is a type of sport that involves the use of open-wheel motor vehicles on a race track. Go kart racing is considered by some as an ideal training ground for those who want to go into professional racing. Not only a sport, go kart racing is also an ideal activity that anyone can have fun participating in. For those who want to get into this sport, there are many go kart racing formats to try.

Go kart racing formats

1. Sprint go kart racing

This type of go kart racing takes place on scaled down versions of road courses. The circuits used in sprint go kart racing range from being a quarter mile long to one-mile courses. The race course for this type of go kart racing is characterised by having right and left turns to challenge drivers. Sprint go kart racing is usually a short duration race, where drivers are required to complete a number of laps. Sprint go kart racing typically takes up to 15 minutes to complete. The type of vehicle used in this go kart racing uses a straight and open chassis.

2. Speedway go kart racing

Speedway go kart racing usually takes place on a 1/6 mile to quarter mile long circuit. The tracks used in this type of go kart racing are usually described as two straight and four left turn corners. The tracks in speedway go kart racing typically have asphalt or clay overlay. The race for a trophy usually goes for four laps, while a main go kart racing event usually goes for as much as 20 circuits. The type of vehicle used in a speedway go kart racing usually has an offset chassis.

3. Endurance go kart racing

As the name implies, this type of go kart racing tests the ability of a go kart racing team to last in the race. Some go kart racing events last for as short as 30 minutes. Some endurance go kart racing events, though, can last for even more than 24 hours, requiring a change in drivers as well as careful strategy.

4. Go kart racing for fun

Aside from being a professional sport, go kart racing can also be a fun activity that even non-professional drivers can enjoy. Many establishments specialise in commercial go kart racing, leasing out go karts and tracks to people who want to experience the thrill. Indoor go kart racing is also a fun activity that can be enjoyed while in the safety of a building or warehouse converted into a covered race track.

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